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Be sure to get the rest of the Bughouse Comics that aren't listed here from the creators at comic cons across the U.S.!


Glenn's death has just been uploaded onto the interntet and his friends couldn't be prouder.

With Glenn's death, a terrible game begins. A game where even the winner's die. Suicide 5 asks the question, " What would you do to be famous?"


The world has grown dark and magic has become tainted and dangerous. A young man, Mimdal, is the last living priest that can perform the miracles of old. He and his protector, the soldier Adrielle, are enlisted to find out why the gods have fallen silent. Along with the brutish Dunlari and his savage captive, Grib, the dark wizard Falhern, and Lidderly, the secretive bard, they seek the terrible truth.


The new gods have come.



Four unlikely heroes are being pursued by monsters, both living and undead. They seek refugee on the open road, but they won't find sanctuary there when they come across the sign that reads Zombie Highway!


Find out what this classic cult horror-comedy is stilled talked about today!

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